Anerley Town Hall

Welcome to Anerley Meditation. Our meeting at the Anerley Town Hall ran continuously every week for 12 years, and have now come to an end. Sahaja Yoga meditation classes around London and across the world are free of charge - no matter how many times you attend. The method is very simple and easy to follow, and regular practice can be extremely beneficial. Each session covers the basics, and includes a guided meditation, so that you can start meditating at home straight away.

Please feel free to join us any time - there is no need to reserve a space beforehand, and there is always space for beginners.

Please note that the regular meetings

in Anerley have now ended.

Please check out our free weekly meditation classes nearby:

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Sahaja Yoga makes it possible to experience true meditation in a gentle, natural way. The chart on the right depicts a simplified version of our subtle system. Our inner being is made up of energy centres, also known as chakras, and channels. Within each person there is also a living energy, called the Kundalini. It resides in the sacrum bone, which is a tough, triangular bone at the base of the spine. This energy is most often in a dormant state. With Sahaja Yoga it is easily and quickly awakened. Once the Kundalini becomes active, it begins to rise through the energy centres one by one. The Kundalini is a motherly, loving energy, and knows the problems that may be affecting the chakras. It also knows how to resolve these problems. It cleanses, balances, strengthens and integrates the chakras. When the Kundalini pierces through the topmost chakra, a happening known as ‘self-realisation’ takes place. This is a breakthrough and a turning point in our human awareness, because our awareness gets connected to the absolute. As our self-realisation develops, we can increasingly go beyond a relative understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us. The true state of meditation that occurs when the Kundalini is flowing through the system can be clearly felt in various ways. On a physical level, one can feel a breeze emanating from the top of their head, and blowing on the palms of their hands. Within, one can experience a state of thoughtless awareness, or mental silence; a natural state in which one is fully aware, yet does not have to think. This inner stillness can give way to deep peace and bliss. 

The chakras are the sources of essential qualities that make up our being. 1- The Muladhara: Innocence and wisdom; 2- The Swadisthan: Creativity; 3- The Nabhi: Satisfaction and seeking; 4- The Heart: Love, compassion, courage; 5- The Vishuddi: Collectivity and communication; 6- The Agnya: Forgiveness; 7- The Sahasrara, or 'Thousand Petalled Lotus': Integration and truth.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the founder of Sahaja Yoga. She is widely acknowledged as the greatest spiritual teacher of all time; based on the experiences of many thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the world. The knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is ancient, and existed in the traditions of many religions and cultures. However it was known only by very few people. It is only thanks to Shri Mataji that it has become widely available, in a way that many people can get self-realisation quickly and easily. With practice of Sahaja Yoga, anyone can have direct access to truth, and therefore become their own spiritual guide. 

Shri Mataji traces her ancestry back to the royal Shalivahana dynasty of India. She was born Nirmala Salve, and upon marriage became Nirmala Srivastava. Her husband is Sir C.P. Srivastava, who in the course of his illustrious career, was unanimously elected four times consecutively to the most senior position in the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization, thus serving as the Secretary-General from 1974 to 1989. More about Shri Mataji is available here.

Shri Mataji spent many years travelling around the world, spreading awareness about Sahaja Yoga, and supporting people in their inner journey. She never charged any money for her programmes, and has asserted that self-realisation is the birthright of every human being. For this reason, Sahaja Yoga meetings across the world are always free. 

Below is a lecture given by Shri Mataji at the public programme at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in June 1995.